Custom HRIS solution for small and medium businesses

Accelerate business performance using cloud HRIS solutions.



On-premise installation gives you even further flexibilities to suit your specific company requirements.


Choices of cloud deployment, hybrid, or private on premise installation puts you in control.

Web Based

It's a web-based HRIS, installed on your servers. Access it with one login with a web browser.

Feature Filled Modules

Modules are designed to take your business to the next level.


Simplify and speed up the process of collecting data from accurate employee attendance times that will be used for wage calculation, overtime and others as well as maintaining the level of compliance and employee discipline. Can be integrated with a digital absence machine for the process upload machine data.



Components and formula can be adjusted and changed as needed. Integrated with data from the presence of wage calculations related to employee attendance data such as overtime and others.



The types of leave are made in accordance with the company's leave policy, the configuration of the holiday list. Streamline process and eliminate the need to print documents. All employee leave requests are automatically directed to the manager for approval requests with access directly online and paperless.


Fantastic performance with awesome technology!

  • Server-side Processing using PHP 7.1
  • Laravel Framework is the basis of this application
  • Maria DB
  • Vue JS for Frontend Development
  • React Native for Mobile Development
  • NginX for Web Server

We explicit speak out what we are going to deliver in upcoming milestones and client knows what they are going to receive with the money invested.

  • Provides transparency
  • Encourages client involvement
  • Saves time to kickstart
  • Adapts changes
  • Estimates better (eventually)
24/7 Maintenance & Support

Upgradation, Deploy & Bug Fixing, Performance Acceleration.

  • Monitoring
  • Call
  • ASAP Email
  • Realtime improvement
  • Digital checkup every 1 month

Develop your business with technology