Business Application Development

Types of Business Web Applications

There can be various types of business applications built to solve specific needs. We can rapidly build and deploy web based business applications that solve of the most common pain points for business.

Custom CRM solutions
Custom ERP solutions
Accounting applications
Online Trading Software
E Commerce Websites
Online Marketplaces
Online Portals
Custom Business App

Fantastic performance with awesome technology!

  • Server-side Processing using PHP 7.1
  • Laravel Framework is the basis of this application
  • Maria DB
  • Vue JS for Frontend Development
  • NginX for Web Server

We explicit speak out what we are going to deliver in upcoming milestones and client knows what they are going to receive with the money invested.

  • Provides transparency
  • Encourages client involvement
  • Saves time to kickstart
  • Adapts changes
  • Estimates better (eventually)
24/7 Support

Upgradation, Deploy & Bug Fixing, Performance Acceleration

  • Monitoring
  • Call
  • ASAP Email
  • Realtime improvement
  • Digital checkup every 1 month

Business Application Development

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